Delivering cost saving solutions for your unique operating environment

Mxcare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Al Araka Group.  We are an international company providing critical facility services to the aviation, commercial, utilities, manufacturing and government sectors.  With over 3000 technical and general service specialists under our employment, we manage over 15 million square meters in 23 facilities.

Mxcare's genesis formed during Dubai's high growth years, servicing the ever growing clientele for Al Araka Group.  As our size grew, so did our scope of services and capabilities.  Today, Mxcare provides critical facility services in an integrated delivery standards.  Our solutions include aviation operations, engineering and maintenance, security, cleaning, logistics and operations support services.

Mxcare has strategic relationships with a number of international service providers to ensure that we deliver cost cutting solutions to our clients through innovation, technology, global best practices and a leading service and responsive model.

About Us

The success of Mxcare is measured by the commitment of our employees to their mission and their dedication to our clients.  Our people have continued to grow in step with the company and today are a major force and a key enabler for providing industry leading facility solutions.  Our people are the face of Mxcare and they are our future.

Our People
Our Leadership

Mxcare understands that leadership must be inspiring and effective to help our people fulfill our clients needs with cost cutting, efficient solutions.  Our managers lead from the front and drive the company's success through our most important assets - our people.  These principles are continuously reinforced by Fadi Mehio, CEO of Araka Group.

Joint Venture Partner