Mxcare provides Camp Services that have the overriding goal of creating the best environment for all camp residents.  We can design and construct a new facility or take over an existing facility and employ and develop existing staff already on site.

Our services range from remote site catering to complete camp management and include but not limited to the following:

Mxcare offers a wide range of high quality, durable portable toilets to suit all of our client needs and expectations.  Choosing our toilet services will ensure that you will always have attractive, fresh smelling toilets, which are well equipped, clean and sanitized.

Portable Toilet

Mxcare also offers a variety of containers that can be used as office, meeting or common rooms, such as for sleeping accommodations. Obviously, the applications are nearly unlimited and the containers can be optimally combined with other containers.

Container Services

Waste Management

Flexible and tailor-made waste management solutions are offered to meet our client's expectations. Upon request, our experts can help in specifying the most suitable service options and determine the sizes and types of dumpsters and trash cans.

Water Supply Services

Our great experience in the field of water supply origins from the fact that Mxcare moves more than two million gallons of fresh and waste water on a daily basis.

All ablution units are self-sufficient; they all have water heater for the showers and can be equipped with air conditioning.  All units can be hooked up to a pipeline and to the drainage system, or can be supplied with fresh water and grey water tanks.

Ablution Units

We offer the complete laundry services providing:
» Washing                       » Disinfecting
» Drying                           » Folding/Packing
» Ironing/Pressing

Laundry Services

Power Management Services

Our engineering and electrical teams can assess your power requirements and supply you with the right size and type of generators.