Mxcare's Environmental Services helps develop and implement this valuable tool for clients seeking compliance with international standards, local regulations and corporate policy.

It is essential that investors protect themselves by identifying potential environmental liabilities left undisclosed by the vendor or previous owner. Once contamination of the site then evaluate remediation alternatives for the client and conduct full-scale or limited clean-up of contaminated sediments; groundwater and soils.

A system approach to managing natural resources and the environment.

Environmental & Natural Resource Management

Site Assessment & Remediation

Full Range of EHS Services includes:

Environmental, Health & Safety Services

The issue of occupational health and safety and environmental compliance in industrial facilities is of fundamental concern to firms with a multi-national character, with international brand-name recognition and reputation at stake.

» Development of HSE Manuals
» EHS Regulatory Registers (country-customized)
» CHRA (Chemical Health Risk Assessment)
» EHS Risk Assessment
» Emergency Spill Response
and First Aid
» HAZOP (Hazard Operability Studies)
» Occupational Health and
Safety Testing
» Chemical Awareness and Recognizing Hazards
» EHS Tutorials
» Regional Label Requirements
for Hazardous Chemicals
» Warehousing Consultation
and Management


Site Assessment & Remediation