Mxcare provides Laundry & Housekeeping Services for facilities of all sizes, big and small. We incorporate techniques and equipment to maximize effectiveness and flexibility to suit your needs.  We equip facilities with large capacity washers, dryers and dedicated efficient staff which insures uninterrupted continuity in our quality and ability to meet all of your service needs.

The service can handle high volume laundry requirements and is specifically designed for customers who require personalized attention to every detail . Our laundry meets all current environmental and caters for the needs of homes, private hospitals, hotels, serviced hotel apartments, clubs, motels, restaurants, schools and camps.

Our endeavours include:

» Conserving water in our operations.
» Sourcing water from alternative sources.
» Use of newer and more efficient equipment.
» Expand the use of renewable resources in our operations.

Developed in partnership with local industry, the system can save you money as well as meeting your desires and commitment to be environmentally sensitive.