Mxcare's Maintenance Services offers total management and preservation to all equipments and assets within a facility, maintenance inspection and periodical state reporting, maintenance management consultancy and personnel training.

Mxcare applies international standards regarding the Preventive Maintenance.  Each equipment has its own requirements in this field regarding the periodicity of these interventions and the procedures that should be taken.

Our core purpose is to develop our Preventive Interventions so that the malfunction and the downtime can be trimmed down to the maximum, as well as the corrective interventions.

Mxcare will guarantee accurate backup for the Operations Team in terms of acquisition (material, tools, services, etc.). Due to the hefty volume of purchasing the department manages, it will guarantee the best parts at the lowest prices on the market.

Using high quality tools and materials will reflect on the image of Mxcare in dealing with client's equipments through accurate readings and measurements.

» Small electrical installations (wiring, cabling, installation of a new equipment)

» Small electro-mechanical works (installation of a new equipment, A/C, pump)

» Civil works (carpentry, steel works, tiling, etc)

» Renovation of the premises (painting, plastering, upholstery, etc.)

We conduct missions in order to assess and organize the services of its clients and help systematize the procedures to keep their assets in the best status:

» supply suggestion in order to improve their numerous activities
» propose working procedures and perform appropriate training for the client's personnel
» perform audit visits to verify the adequate application of the approved system

Spare Parts & Inventory Management

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

Small New Installations, Renovation & Refurbishing

Audit / Consultancy Missions