Our specialist's expertise in chemical hazards and treatment of waste, combined with solid experience enables us to respond to specific requests for site remediation.

Mxcare provides the best people, services and technology for your safety and security, at home or at work.

Our experienced staff will take care of all details down to the smallest without being asked as they are trained to treat each living or working space as their own.

Mxcare allows others the capability to concentrate on all the aspects that makes their organization without being concerned with the burden of continuously maintaining a property.

Mxcare provides the best-in-class laundry service operations to our clients by delivering superior quality and service.

Mxcare is driven to achieve an unparalleled level of service while promoting the well-being of man in his environment.

Mxcare provides our customers with prompt and efficient service when unexpected emergencies occur or when routine maintenance is required.

Mxcare has the access to provide life support services wherever and whenever they are needed - from areas of conflict to remote construction and exploration sites.

We can offer an extensive range of menu options to suit all requirements covering a full range of services throughout the day to enhance the overall dining experience.