At Mxcare, environmental protection means being proactive in protecting human health, natural resources and the environment.  We offer complete Waste Management provision based on a professional and timely service with the emphasis on recyling and responsible disposal.

We offer a fast, thorough and extensively resourced service that provides reliable collection, treatment and disposal to give you a safer, cleaner, more productive site.  We provide monitoring, data collection and scheduling and can help you meet disposal regulations.

Based on years of experience in a wide range of industries, our expert assessors sample and inventory wastes and recommend methods for their identification, repackging and transportation. Our services ensure appropriate treatment and disposal and help you meet your requirements.



Commercial Waste

Industrial Solutions

We offer our clients peace of mind and help to ensure their business benefits from the most innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable waste management solutions available.  Our unique approach enables us to work with our clients to identify business needs, the levels of service required and the most effective means of waste collection, treatment and disposal.